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Driver Clerk

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Contra Costa County Library
Contra Costa County, California, United States (on-site)
19 days ago


Contra Costa County is seeking qualified candidates to fill an exciting opportunity for Driver Clerk.  While Driver Clerk is a county-wide position, there is currently one (1) vacancy for a  32/40 Permanent Part-Time position with the Library Department.


The Library is made up of nearly 300 employees serving 26 communities throughout Contra Costa County. Its mission is to “Bring People and Ideas Together.” The Library seeks to enrich lives by delivering a consistent, high quality, and inviting experience at all points of contact. It is an innovative, entrepreneurial and dynamic civic institution that is committed to providing exceptional services to its communities. The Library assumes critical roles in making the communities strong, equitable, resilient, and progressive.

While working in the Library, Driver Clerks work in the shipping unit moving library materials between 26 community libraries, Juvenile Hall, Administration, and other locations. Driver Clerks are responsible for loading and unloading vehicles and assisting with the delivery of equipment, such as tables, canopies, and other materials.


We are looking for someone who is:

  • Punctual
  • Customer service focused
  • Experienced with delivery service
  • Able to work both independently and as part of a team
  • Adaptable to a changing environment

What you will typically be responsible for:

  • Safely driving a vehicle and following all relevant driving laws
  • Driving for scheduled hours along a preset route with multiple stop
  • Sorting materials into trucks prior to delivery
  • Following ergonomic protocols to ensure proper lifting, lowering, and carrying

A few reasons you might love this job:

  • You will have collaborative and helpful coworkers
  • You will work independently while driving your route
  • You will be part of a team that is essential to the community

A few challenges you might face in this job:

  • Occasionally you will start your work shift before the sun has risen
  • You will be required to maintain a timely delivery schedule
  • You will encounter and have to navigate the stresses of rush hour traffic

Competencies Required:

  • Decision Making: Choosing optimal courses of action in a timely manner

  • Reading Comprehension: Understanding and using written information

  • General Physical Ability: Using strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and coordination

  • Safety Focus: Showing vigilance and care in identifying and addressing health risks and safety hazards

  • Using Technology: Working with electronic hardware and software applications

  • Attention to Detail: Focusing on the details of work content, work steps, and final work products

  • Handling Stress: Maintaining emotional stability and self-control under pressure, challenge, or adversity

  • Self-Management: Showing personal organization, self-discipline, and dependability

  • Oral Communication: Engaging effectively in dialogue

  • Customer Focus: Attending to the needs and expectations of customers

  • Professional Impact: Presenting self as a positive representative of the organization

  • Valuing Diversity: Appreciating the benefits of varied backgrounds and cultures in the workplace

To read the complete job description, please visit the website,

The eligible list established from this recruitment may remain in effect for six (6) months.

Minimum Qualifications

Education: Possession of a high school diploma, G.E.D. proficiency, or high school equivalency certificate.

License Required:  Possession of a valid California motor vehicle operator's license as required to perform the essential job functions of the position. Out of state valid motor vehicle operator's license will be accepted during the application process and/or possession of a valid State of California Class B Driver’s license when assigned to operate the Bookmobile,


Experience:  Six (6) months experience as a Bindery Worker or Storeroom Clerk in Contra Costa County, or One (1) year of full time, or its equivalent, experience driving a vehicle for a professional service or agency or sorting, delivery, and pick up of transmittal mail.

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Prior delivery experience
  • Prior customer service experience
  • Certification or training in defensive driving

Selection Process

  1. Application Filing and Evaluation: Applications will be evaluated to determine which candidates will move forward in the next phase of the recruitment process.  

  1. Multiple Choice Exam: A multiple choice assessment will be conducted to measure candidates' competencies as they relate to the job. These may include but are not limited to: decision making, reading comprehension, general physical ability, safety focus, attention to detail, and self-management. (Weighted 100%)

  2. Final Selection Interviews: Interviews will be scheduled by the department once the eligible list is established. 

If you apply for another recruitment that uses this exam and the test is scheduled within 6 months of the date you took the test, you will not have the option to re-take the exam. 

Tentative Dates: 

The Driver Clerk Multiple Choice exam is tentatively scheduled to take place via computer (remotely) December 7, 2023.

Meeting the minimum qualifications does not guarantee an invitation to participate in the selection process.  

The Human Resources Department may change the examination steps noted above in accordance with the Personnel Management Regulations and accepted selection practices.

Job Information

  • Job ID: 71462926
  • Workplace Type: On-Site
  • Location:
    Contra Costa County, California, United States
  • Company Name For Job: Contra Costa County Library
  • Position Title: Driver Clerk
  • Library or Company Type: Public Library
  • Job Category: Other/Not Listed
  • Salary: $49,509.00 - $60,172.00 (Yearly Salary)
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