JobLIST Employer FAQ and Help

This FAQ is designed to provide answers to the most common questions and problems that Employers and Agencies run into when posting online and print ads through ALA JobLIST and using other JobLIST features, as well various options you may select to help you save money and time.

Please review our answers for the common questions listed below. If your question is not answered here, please contact ALA JobLIST staff at

Answers to common questions for Job Seekers can be found at

Technical requirements

Placing Orders on JobLIST

Formatting Your Ad

Print Ads Online Ads

Rates and Billing



General Information, Magazines

Placing Orders on JobLIST

How do I place an ad on JobLIST?

Submitting an ad through JobLIST is a quick and easy process that can be completed in about five minutes. Just follow these quick and easy steps.

  1. Create an employer account.
  2. Log in to the system and select "Purchase Ad/Product."
  3. Select the type of product that you would like to order, an online-only ad, or a print line or display ad. If ordering a print ad, create the print ad order first and when you save it you should receive a pop-up offering our discounted offer for a corresponding online ad. If you don't see this offer, go ahead and add the online ad to your order and staff will reprice it appropriately once you submit the order.
  4. Enter your ad's information and content on the next two pages. The first page asks for general information about your ad. If you have selected a print product, be sure to select the correct magazine and issue, or both magazines if you would like your ad to run in C&RL News and American Libraries.
  5. On the following page, you will see a box that says "ad text." Insert your ad text/copy here. If you have a camera-ready print display ad you've laid out yourself, use the Browse button above the ad text entry box to attach your PDF file instead of entering the raw ad text (be sure to double-check that your ad fits the correct dimensions for the ad size and magazine you've selected - see descriptions on the Ad Rates page). You can also upload a logo graphic on this page, if desired.
  6. When you have completed the information about your ad, click "Save/Submit Ad."
  7. On the order summary screen, select the payment method you would like to use; either enter your Credit Card information or select the Purchase Order option, if you would prefer to recieve a bill. Online ad orders are billed within about a week of the ad's posting; print ad orders are billed when the issue including the print ad is published. Once your payment information is completed, click "Finalize Order."
  8. On the final screen, ensure your address is complete and your billing information is correct. When you are finished, submit the ad for review and approval by JobLIST staff.

Can I choose what day my online ad will appear online?

For online-only ads, you may select the date on which you want the ad to appear online when placing your order; just look for the "Start Date" field. Your ad will be approved by staff within a couple of business hours, but your ad will not appear online until approximately midnight Central time on the date specified by you. If you do not specify a date, your ad will appear online immediately when it is approved by JobLIST staff.

I have submitted a print ad through JobLIST. What happens now?

Staff from the appropriate magazine is notified when a print ad is placed. A staff member will review your ad and email you if she has any questions or if there is a problem with the ad. Otherwise, staff will approve your ad and you will receive an email with a confirmation and final price. Your ad will appear in the print publication as scheduled.

I have submitted an online ad through JobLIST. What happens now?

JobLIST staff is notified when an online ad is submitted. A staff member will review your ad and email you if he or she has any questions or if there is a problem with the ad. Otherwise, staff will approve your ad and you will receive an email with a confirmation of the cost and the link to your live ad on JobLIST. You'll hear from JobLIST staff with confirmation or any questions that need addressed within one business day, typically within an hour or two.

What is the Profile Service Subscription?

Profile Service Subscriptions allow you to post general information about your institution or library at no cost. Your profile is linked from any active ads you have posted and is included in a list of all institutional profiles currently live on the site. This is an excellent option if you plan to post several ads, as you are able to include a description about your organization that applies to all positions, rather than paying to include this same text in each of your ads. Please note that information about specific job opportunities and application instructions are not allowed in profiles. All profile descriptions are verified before posting, so please ensure you are including only general information about your institution or library.

I would like to view the résumés of job seekers. What do I need to do?

Access to JobLIST's résumé bank is only availble to employers with a currently active ad. Once your ad has been approved, log in to JobLIST and click on "Placement Service" in the left navigation. From there, you can search currently active job seeker profiles, download the résumés of job seekers you are interested in, and use the JobLIST Communication Tool to follow up with job seekers you would like more information from, or contact them directly if they have included their information on their résumé or opted to allow you to see their contact information in their JobLIST profile.

I work for an agency and need to place ads for other organizations/multiple employers. How do I do this?

If you need to place ads on behalf of other organizations, click on "Update Account Info" in the left-hand side navigation. At the bottom of the employer registration screen, tick the box next to "Check here if you would like to place ads on behalf of other employers." When you create future ad orders, the first field will ask the "Employer Name" for that particular ad. This is where you should enter the name of the institution on whose behalf you are working. The ad will then display on the public site as an ad for that institution.

Formatting Your Ad

Print Ads

What is the difference between a line ad and a display ad (print ads only)?

A line ad is a largely unformatted block of text, without paragraph divisions. A line ad appears as you would expect a traditional classified ad from a newspaper to look.

Display ads are "boxed ads," featuring larger text, more formatting, and also offer the opportunity to create paragraphs, bolder text, bullets and borders.

What size are your display ads?

A full page ad in C&RL News is 5 inches x 8 inches. Ads come in size increments of 1/4 page, 3/8 page, 1/2 page, 3/4 page, and full page, ranging in price from $525 to $1,100.

A full page ad in American Libraries is 6 3/8 inches X 8 7/8 inches. Ads come in size increments of 1/12 page, 1/6 page, 1/4 page, 1/3 page, 1/2 page, 2/3 page, and full page, ranging in price from $140 to $2,340.

Please view our ad rates page for a more detailed description of sizes and price points.

Are there any special formatting requirements for our print ad?

Line ads should begin with the title of the position, followed by the standard ad text. Display ads begin with the name of the job, followed by the institution name, and then follow up with the rest of the ad text.

Online Ads

Are there any special formatting guidelines for online ads?

Our ad submission page includes a WYSIWYG editor that allows several basic formatting options, including hyperlinking, italics, bold, ordered and unordered lists. For best results, paste your ad content in as plain text (e.g., strip out any existing formatting from Word or a Web page by pasting and recopying your text in a plain text editor, like the Windows Notepad, before pasting it into JobLIST), then use the formatting options in JobLIST's WYSIWYG editor. Do not include your own HTML coding or other formatting, or it will be stripped out by JobLIST staff prior to approval. This can also cause JobLIST to overestimate your order's cost.

Longtime advertisers should note that due to the implementation of the WYSIWYG ad editor, it is no longer necessary to enter the [blank] and [hr] codes to indicate line breaks.


Rates and Billing

How much does it cost to place an ad through JobLIST?

The costs of ads vary according to their size and type (print or online; for print, line or display). Pricing for all JobLIST products, including ads, can be found on our ad rates page. You will also find a button that will allow you to view an estimated cost of your ad after entering ad text. Please ensure your pop-up blocker is not enabled, as the message will appear as a separate small screen. Please also note that the figure is an estimate. You will receive a final price total from JobLIST staff.

I would like to be billed for my order. How can I receive an invoice?

On the "Order Summary Review Screen," you can select your payment type via a drop-down box. Select "Purchase Order" to receive a bill through the mail.

When will I be charged/billed for my purchases?

For online-only ads, charges will generally be made or invoices will be mailed approximately 7-10 days after placing your order, in order to allow for any changes or corrections to be made prior to billing. You will receive an e-mail when this occurs. For print advertising, charges will be made/invoices mailed once the issue in which the ad appears has been published and mailed. We do this to ensure that you can receive a tearsheet of your ad.

What is JobLIST's cancellation policy?

Orders for online ads will not be cancelled once the ad has gone live on ALA JobLIST for public view. You can request that your ad be pulled from the site at any time prior to its expiration by contacting JobLIST staff, but the rate remains as agreed when your order was placed and will not be prorated for using less than the time for which your ad was eligible to remain live on the site.

Print ad orders can be cancelled without charge prior to the ad submission deadline for the issue in which the ad was to be placed. After the deadline, contact the appropriate staff person for the magazine in which your ad was to appear; if a late adjustment to the issue's layout is possible, your order will be cancelled without charge. Once the issue has been submitted to the printer, it is not possible to remove your ad and you will be charged as agreed.



What types of discounts do you offer?

Presently, we offer the following discounts:

I am an ALA member. Why am I not receiving a member discount?

Member discounts only apply to member organizations, not individual/personal memberships. If you have any questions about your institution's status, please contact ALA Membership and Customer Services (MACS) at: 1-800-545-2433, ext. 5, or email More information about the cost and benefits of an organizational or corporate membership is available through ALA MACS. You call also learn more on the Membership page of the ALA Web site.



I have created an employer profile, but it does not appear on the JobLIST site. What do I need to do?

Employers can create a profile at any time and save it with their other account information (click on "Create/Update Profile"), but in order for the profile to become active an employer must have at least one current online ad and a paid "Placement Service" subscription. Please notify JobLIST staff if you have a profile that needs reactivating when ordering a new ad.

When I click on the "View estimated cost of this ad" or "Preview ad text" buttons, nothing happens. Why?

A number of features built into JobLIST, including special offers, estimated ad costs, and ad previews, use pop-ups. To take advantage of all of the site's features you need enable pop-ups for

The rates page says that I can add an online version of my ad to my print order for a flat fee, but I don't see how I can do this. How do I add the online ad?

When you purchase a print ad, you can post a corresponding online ad for the same position at a significantly discounted flat fee. You must enable pop-ups for this Web site in order to see the offer for the flat fee ad or any other special offers. See the full ad rates page.

I didn’t see the pop-up and I have completed my order. Is there anything I can do to take advantage of the offer now?

If you have placed your order and would like to add the discounted online ad, please go into JobLIST and place a regular order for an online-only ad. Indicate in the "Notes to ALA" section of the payment page that you are placing an ad that corresponds to a print ad. All charges are processed manually and reviewed by staff, so we will ensure that you receive the discounted price. Contact us at if you have any questions.

I am trying to submit my ad on JobLIST, but when I push “Submit� on the payment screen, nothing happens. What should I do?

Follow these steps in order if your order does not go through:

  1. Your ad might be too long. Unfortunately, our database is limited to 8,000 bytes of data per ad. This comes out to approximately 1,100 words, or 7,500 characters (including spaces). The use of formatting options, hyperlinks, and logos also take up data space, and heavy use of these features will reduce the amount of text that can be included. In case you find it helpful in reducing the length of your ad, please note that you can use the Employer Profile feature on JobLIST free of charge for any general information about your institution that you would like to communicate to job seekers. The profile will be linked from the end of any ads you have live on the site.
  2. Try switching to another Web browser. Several users have reported problems while using an older version of Netscape. Try switching to another browser, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Chrome.
  3. If you are submitting credit card payment information with your order, try changing your payment type to purchase order on the Order Summary review screen, and attempt to submit again. Occassionally, due to errors in the credit card number, the system will not accept your order. We will be glad to send you a bill if you select “Purchase Order,� and you can pay with either credit card or check upon receipt of the invoice.
  4. Call or email JobLIST staff. We are happy to help, and honestly don't want to see you frustrated!

I need to update my account/contact information. Where do I do this?

To update your account information, click on "Update Account Info" in the left-hand side navigation when you're logged in (or click on your name to the upper right of the page), make any necessary changes on the account registration screen, then click "save" at the bottom of the screen.

General Information—Magazines

Tell me more about your print publications.

Please see the ALA JobLIST Sponsors page for current information about our membership and our magazines, College & Research Libraries News and American Libraries

What are the deadlines for your magazines?

Please see the print ad information on the Ad Rates page for upcoming deadline and publication schedules.

Questions? Contact ALA JobLIST staff at or (800) 545-2433 ext. 4216 or ext. 2513 for assistance.