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Welcome to the ALA JobLIST Placement & Career Development Service!

For more than 40 years, the American Library Association's (ALA) Placement Service has provided opportunities for employers and job seekers to meet, network, and achieve success in reaching their employment goals. 

Designed to give employers and job seekers access to information on a year-round basis, JobLIST is the official ALA job site. Resumes and job openings should be posted here.

Events and activities in the ALA JobLIST Placement & Career Development Center are designed to help job seekers retool their skills and prepare for job searches. They are intended for people at every stage of their careers--not just new graduates. Employers are encouraged to interact with job seekers at every level.

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Employers who want a recruitment booth on site in the Placement Center should complete the Booth reservation form and email it to Beatrice Calvin. The cost of a booth is $625.00. Please review the form for information on what is included in this fee.

We are planning on holding an Open House in the Placement Center on Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to noon. Representatives from various library and library-related companies will have an opportunity to talk with conference attendees about work environments as well as activities in and around their institutions (i.e. sports, arts, music, community involvement, etc.).

There is no cost to participate in the Open House. Employers interested in participating should complete the Open House Participation form and email it to Beatrice Calvin. For more information, contact Beatrice Calvin.

Employers who want to post job positions, should register and post them here on JobLIST. In addition to the regular 60-day online ads, specially priced 2-week placement ads are also offered on JobLIST during conferences with a face-to-face Placement Center. Rates are listed on the Advertising Rates page.

Employers can also review resumes of registered job seekers with active profiles with an active online ad on JobLIST. Once your ad is active, you will have access to the resumes. To arrange interviews before and during the conference, employers can contact job seekers directly, if they have opted to include access to their personal contact information within their JobLIST profile or résumé, or within JobLIST using the Communication Tool.

Employers who want to use the on-site interviewing facilities in the Placement Center must have either an active 2-week placement ad or an active regular 60-day online ad on ALA JobLIST at the time you schedule the interview and during the conference period.

It is the employers' responsibility to reserve interview tables. Job seekers cannot do this. To reserve interview space, employers should first confirm the date and time of your interviews with candidates. Then contact Placement staff for a table assignment. You can send an email to You should be prepared to give the candidate's name along with the day and time of the interview. You may also go to the onsite Placement Center to get a table assignment.

Employers who have a recruitment booth onsite in the Placement Center will not need to get table assignments. You can conduct interviews in your private interview space. You have control of your own scheduling.

Employers who have contacted job seekers directly using the JobLIST Communication Tool (or chosen to include a link to it in their ads for job seekers to contact them) should login to JobLIST on a regular basis to check for messages in the period leading up to and including the conference.

Employers who will be meeting with potential candidates in the Placement Center during the next ALA conference should be sure to update JobLIST account information. Mark the checkbox to indicate "This employer will be represented at the next conference" to ensure that your JobLIST ads will be tagged appropriately.

If you have questions, concerns, or need help, feel free to contact ALA JobLIST Placement Center Manager, Beatrice Calvin at or (800) 545-2433 ext. 4280. You may also email JobLIST staff at

Job Seekers

Job seekers should register and search for jobs on JobLIST. All services are free to job seekers.

Free registration on JobLIST is not required to view job postings, but it can be to the job seeker's advantage to do so. Registration and activation of a free job seeker profile will give actively hiring employers access to your resume information. It will also allow for direct communication between you and the employer. If you see a position that you are interested in, you can contact the employer directly as they instruct in their ad, or send a message directly to the representative through the JobLIST Communication Tool if the employer has opted to use it.

If you plan to attend conference, be sure to indicate this in your job seeker profile by ticking the appropriate boxes in the "Placement Service" section. After you register on JobLIST, be sure to log in often and check your messages. Employers who will be attending the conference may contact you using the JobLIST Communication Tool regarding interviews.

If you need help getting your résumé polished, stop by the Placement Center while you are at conference. The New Members Round Table provide résumé critiquing service to conference attendees. You may also sign up in advance when the form becomes available. The service is free.

There will also be a number of free workshops on interviewing, résumés, cover letters, etc. at conferences. Check on the Career Development Resources page of JobLIST for the final dates, times, and locations. Go to the Conference Workshops page for the latest information.

There are several podcasts which were developed specifically for library workers on the General Career Information page of JobLIST. Some are directly related to preparing for and making the most effective use of conferences as an active job seeker.

You will also find numerous other resources on various job hunting topics on the Career Development Resources page of JobLIST.

If you have questions, concerns, or need help feel free to contact ALA Placement Service Manager, Beatrice Calvin at or (800) 545-2433 ext. 4280.

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gold star If you're interested in volunteering to work in the Placement Center, contact Beatrice Calvin, the Placement Service Manager.

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