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    This page contains links to podcasts, webinars, etc. which were developed specifically to help job seekers and those concerned with career development. Note: Some of the webinars and chats could take 5-6 minutes to load.

    • Use the Power of Your Story, Your Brand and Your Accomplishment Statements to STAND OUT in Your Job Search
      Chat held on April 26, 2012

      Did you know that the interview question "Tell me about yourself" is a fantastic opportunity for you to distinguish yourself from other candidates? Did you know that powerfully written accomplishment statements on your resume and/or cover letter can help you make the cut and get that interview? In this chat, the facilitator discussed ways to establish your personal brand, and develop stories to highlight your accomplishments. This session will help you discover strategies to enhance the way you present yourself.

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    • Moving Difficult Conversations Toward Positive Outcomes: Coping with Challenges in the Library Workplace webinar
      Chat held April 11, 2012

      Librarians across all settings can, at times, face unexpected challenges or confrontations from an angry or upset patron, community member, coworker, or concerned citizen. Knowing how to handle these difficult conversations in ways that can lead to a healthy resolution is critical. In this webinar, presenters discussed ways to learn how to be better prepared to approach these difficult conversations with an open and positive mindset, the tools to defuse the situation, and the skills and behaviors for moving the conversation toward a positive outcome.

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    • Using Social Media for the Most Effective Job Search
      Chat held March 22, 2012

      How many "channels" are you using to get that next job? If you're only responding to posted job ads by sending out a résumé and then hoping to get a call or an interview, you can do a lot more to take control of your search and make it more effective. In this ALA JobLIST Placement Center's Chat, the facilitator, Dr. Caitlin Williams, focused on social media tools and other strategies that every savvy job seeker needs to know about-and use-to increase their network, find out about new opportunities, and promote themselves and their skills to potential employers.

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      List of resources mentioned during the chat.

    • How to Get Unstuck in Your Job Search
      Webinar held January 11, 2012 (recording)
      Provided by the ALA JobLIST Placement Center

      It was the start of the new year -- the best time of all to get a new start on a job search or professional development strategy. This session looked at ways we can get ourselves stuck - and keep ourselves from writing that resume or that LinkedIn Profile - or ways we get stuck and not able to land that interview, or get to talk to the right person. The facilitator also looked at new techniques for moving ahead that we may have been reluctant to try before.

      Come ready to find out what gets you stuck and what you can do about it. You should also get ready to choose and implement at least two new techniques to gain momentum in your job search - whether you're staying in traditional librarianship or trying new career opportunities.

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    • Prepare to WOW Them in Your Next Interview!
      Chat held on December 15, 2011 (recording)
      Provided by the ALA JobLIST Placement Center

      Whether you’re in job-search mode, promotion mode or opportunity-seeking mode, your goal is the same: Get that interview! The interview is the place where you can showcase your talents and demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the job.

      Attendees joined career coach, Caitlin Williams, Ph.D for the third in a series of online chats and shared ideas and resources regarding the essential tools needed to be interview-ready. They discussed the research you need to do before the interview, materials you’ll want to bring with you to the interview and questions you should be prepared to answer – as well as ones you should be prepared to ask. The discussion touched on phone, screening and panel interviews along with other new interview formats you’ll want to be ready for.

      Listen to this chat. (There is a bit of static for about the first 20 minutes.)

      List of resources mentioned during the chat.

    • Career Communication Documents - including that all-important resume
      Chat held November 17, 2011 (recording)
      Provided by the ALA JobLIST Placement Center

      Your resume is still one of the best tools for your job search and career advancement strategy. However, resumes - how they look and what they need to communicate - have changed. And other communications documents like your profile, your cover letter and your business cards, have become more important. Attendees shared ideas, questions, and any resources. And be ready to join a great discussion about communicating your value to prospective employers.

      The facilitator was career coach, Caitlin Williams, Ph.D. Caitlin has been in the field of career development for more than 20 years. She writes, speaks, conducts research and coaches individuals on ways to continue growing professionally, as well as ways to remain employable in a challenging economy. She is on the faculty of San Jose State University in Calif. Caitlin has been partnering with ALA for nearly 10 years to offer individuals help with managing their careers, and providing one-on-one career counseling sessions in the ALA JobLIST Placement Center during ALA conferences.

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      List of resources mentioned during the chat.

    • Tips for Getting Unstuck in Your Job Search
      Chat held Thursday, October 27, 2011 (recording)
      Provided by the ALA JobLIST Placement Center

      Attendees joined ALA and Caitlin Williams for a facilitated online chat to learn and share resources for moving a job search forward. As a professional community, librarians are amazing when it comes to knowing valuable resources and sharing those resources with others. This one hour online chat gave attendees a chance to both contribute what they know and pick up more tips for finding that next opportunity. Participants shared resources and ideas for finding openings, applying for openings, taking the next step in the search, and dealing with challenges faced while unemployed.

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      List of resources mentioned during the chat.

    • Mastering the Art of Resiliency in an Uncertain Workplace
      Webinar Held October 12, 2011 (recording)
      Presented by Dr. Caitlin Williams, Ph.D.
      Sponsored by the American Library Association's JobLIST Placement Center

      Dr. Caitlin Williams provides strategies for managing stress and anxiety for those who may be working while dealing with changes on the job, as well as for those who may be seeking employment.

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      List of resources mentioned during the webinar.

    • What's Next?: 7 Steps to Get Your Career Moving in the Right Direction
      Webinar Held January 11, 2011 (recording)
      Presented by Dr. Caitlin Williams
      Sponsored by the American Library Association's JobLIST Placement Center

      Dr. Caitlin Williams gives key strategies to use when considering your next career move and provides steps to help you get started immediately.

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      Workbook which was discussed during the webinar can be downloaded and used while reviewing the session

      List of resources developed as a result of questions asked during the session can also be downloaded

    • Job Hunting for the Recent or Pending MLS Graduate
      Webinar Held Dec. 18, 2010
      Presented by Brian Keith
      Sponsored by Library Leadership and Management Association Human Resources Section (LLAMA-HRS)

      Focuses on the academic job search process. Brian provides great information for those who may be unsure about how the search process works in an academic environment.

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    • Taking Your Job Search Up A level
      Webinar Held October 20, 2010
      Presented by Dr. Caitlin Williams
      Sponsored by the American Library Association's JobLIST Placement Center

      Caitlin helps job seekers determine where they are in their job search, then she provides tools and ideas to consider in order to move ahead. Caitlin also responds to questions posed in a pre-webinar survey.

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      Workbook which was discussed during the webinar can be downloaded and used while reviewing the session.

    • Finding Library Jobs
      Webinar Held June 29, 2010 (recording)
      Presented by Diane Kovacs
      Sponsored by the American Library Association's JobLIST Placement Center

      Diane provides a wealth or resources to help library workers find jobs.

      Listen to this webinar.

    • Tips for Job Hunting for New College Graduates
      Two-minute video on job hunting strategies.

    • Job-Search Strategies (brief video)
      Caitlin Williams, a career development consultant and coach in San Jose, California, talked with AL Focus at the 2010 ALA Midwinter Meeting about some important things to keep in mind for job-hunters in this tough economy.

    • Podcast series presented by Dr. Caitlin Williams

      1. 10 Ways to Handle Being Laid Off or Deal with Difficulty in Finding Work
        This podcast, which focuses on career and job transitions, will give the essentials you need to successfully move through a transitional time so you can take steps toward your next opportunity as a librarian or library worker.

        Podcast 1 Handout

      2. 10 Key Action Steps to Take for an Effective Job Search (approx. 16 minutes)
        In this second podcast, Dr. Williams discusses some of the questions people asked while at the ALA 2010 Midwinter Meeting in Boston. She then details key action steps to use in the job search process.

      3. 10 Key Strategies in Preparing for a Job Search (approx. 13 minutes)
        In this third podcast, Dr. Williams discusses ways to develop your personal job search strategy while giving library-related examples.

      4. Career Transitions
        In this fourth podcast, Dr. Williams discusses transitions from graduate school to your first professional position and from one career to another within the library profession.

    • Negotiating in a tough economy (approx. 6 minutes)
      In this podcast, presented by Mary Pergander, library workers are challenged not to assume that higher salaries aren't possible. Mary gives tips for when and how to ask for a higher starting salary.

    • Top 10 Tips for a Successful Job Search (approx. 4 minutes)
      In this podcast, Elisa Topper provides 10 quick ideas to keep in mind when looking for a job.

    • How to "Work" a Career Fair (approx. 16 minutes)
      Presentation that discusses preparation before a career fair, what to do during a career fair, and how to follow-up after attending a career fair.

    • Navigating Your Way Through Job Loss (recorded webinar)
      Job loss is tough at any age, and even more so if you're age 45+. If you've just lost your job, what should you do first? If you've been out of work for a while, how do you stay positive and move forward during the job-search journey? This AARP webinar will help answer these questions and provide additional resources for coping with job loss.

    • If Your Resume Has an Objective, Make It Count
      Job seekers should consider getting rid of objective statements in resumes. If you leave yours in, then you should make it count. This fast-paced, 55-second video gives tips to improve objective statements.

    • Writing Effective Resumes (15 minutes)
      Get your foot in the door with an outstanding resume. This presentation, presented by the University of California - Berkeley's Career Center, gives tips and dos and don’ts on resume content and style.

    • How to Write an Effective Resume
      Video developed by Tufts University Career Services, and includes information on different types of resumes, style guidelines, how to write various sections of a resume, etc.

    • The Job Search Minute: The Interview
      Do you know your EQ? Should you know your EQ before you get into an interview? Collegegrad.com thinks so.

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