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Career Development Resources

The resources listed on these pages will help you prepare for a productive and effective job search as well as enhance your career development efforts.

  • What's New on the Career Development Resources pages

    Details on ALA JobLIST Placement and Career Development Center during the ALA 2016 Midwinter Meeting in Boston, January 8 - 12, 2016 have been updated. Check these pages often, as they will be updated regularly as we get closer to the conference.

Career Development Resources for Effective Job Searching and Beyond

  • Career Assessments

    Resources to help you determine your strengths.

  • Cover Letters

    Resources for guidelines and examples of effective cover letters.

  • General Career Information

    General resources such as how to impress a new employer, dressing for success, working a career fair, etc.

  • Interviewing

    Articles on improving interview skills, including how to manage different types of interviews, how to answer tough questions, etc.

  • Job Hunting

    Information on things you should know about job hunting and the process, how to find a job with the federal government, and other job hunting strategies.

  • Multi-Media

    Great resources on career advancement. Podcast series posted; Links to recent webinars included; PowerPoint presentations on creating resumes, etc.

  • Negotiating

    Articles on effective ways to negotiate salary offers.

  • Networking

    Articles on why to network and how to do it effectively to meet your career goals.

  • Professional Portfolios

    Resources on developing professional portfolios using various media formats.

  • Publications

    Publications available for use on-site in the resource room of the ALA Placement Center during the upcoming ALA Conference.

  • Resumes

    Resources for guidelines for preparing effective resumes, as well as examples.

  • Salaries

    Articles on finding current salary data so you know what to expect and how to negotiate to get the salary you want.

This page revised on 10/7/2015.

If you have questions or suggestions about the content in the Career Development Resources section, please contact ALA HRDR.