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Career Development Resources

The resources listed on these pages will help you prepare for a productive and effective job search as well as enhance your career development efforts.

  • What's New on the Career Development Resources pages

    Details on ALA JobLIST Placement Services during the ALA 2015 Annual Conference in San Francisco, June 25 - 30, 2015 have been updated. Check these pages often, as they will be updated regularly as we get closer to the conference.

  • ALA JobLIST Placement Center

    ALA JobLIST Placement Center, 2011 ALA Midwinter Meeting

  • Conference Workshops

    Details of programs and workshops being held at the upcoming ALA Conference that may be of interest to job seekers. Includes links to sign up for career counseling and resume review help.

  • Recruiters at Conference

    Recruiters who will have booths onsite in the JobLIST Placement Center at the upcoming ALA conference, as well as those who will be participating in the Open House on Sunday.

Career Development Resources for Effective Job Searching and Beyond

  • Career Assessments

    Resources to help you determine your strengths.

  • Cover Letters

    Resources for guidelines and examples of effective cover letters.

  • General Career Information

    General resources such as how to impress a new employer, dressing for success, working a career fair, etc.

  • Interviewing

    Articles on improving interview skills, including how to manage different types of interviews, how to answer tough questions, etc.

  • Job Hunting

    Information on things you should know about job hunting and the process, how to find a job with the federal government, and other job hunting strategies.

  • Multi-Media

    Great resources on career advancement. Podcast series posted; Links to recent webinars included; PowerPoint presentations on creating resumes, etc.

  • Negotiating

    Articles on effective ways to negotiate salary offers.

  • Networking

    Articles on why to network and how to do it effectively to meet your career goals.

  • Professional Portfolios

    Resources on developing professional portfolios using various media formats.

  • Publications

    Publications available for use on-site in the resource room of the ALA Placement Center during the upcoming ALA Conference.

  • Resumes

    Resources for guidelines for preparing effective resumes, as well as examples.

  • Salaries

    Articles on finding current salary data so you know what to expect and how to negotiate to get the salary you want.

This page revised on 5/7/2015.

If you have questions or suggestions about the content in the Career Development Resources section, please contact ALA HRDR.