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    • Salary Negotiation
      Almost everybody feels like they’re in a pressure cooker when it comes to bargaining, and salary negotiation is no exception. But it doesn’t have to be that way—a little knowledge can turn the heat down and give you the confidence to be a strong partner in a business transaction! This site shows you how.

    • Negotiating Salaries and Benefits
      What factors should you consider before accepting a job? This article offers a systematic approach to weighing the pros and cons of a potential position, as well as salary negotiation tips.

    • Negotiate Your Best Salary: 10 Lessons in Preparing for the Salary Discussions
      When it comes to getting the best possible salary and benefits package, many job seekers are unprepared for the negotiation. This article gives ideas on what to expect and how to prepare for negotiations.

    • Ask for More Money
      Before asking for a raise, notice how well your department and company is doing. Right timing is essential. This brief article suggests when to ask for a raise, and how to be prepared when you do.

    • Evaluating a Job Offer
      Once you receive a job offer, you must decide if you want the job. Fortunately, most organizations will give you a few days to accept or reject an offer. Published by the U.S. Department of Labor / Bureau of Labor Statistics, this site details things to consider when evaluating a job offer.

    • Responding to the Salary Question in an Interview
      This one-page document, published by Northern Illinois University's Career Services Office, provides possible ways to respond to the salary question during an actual interview.

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