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    • Attention Job Seekers: The ALA Conference is Coming! Are You Ready?
      Dr. Williams gives suggestions for how to maximize your time at conference

    • Conference Quick Tips
      Tips for successful job searching before, during, & after the ALA Conference

    • 10 Things to Know About Getting a Job in a Tough Economy
      Dr. Malore Brown gives a list of ten things to keep in mind whild job hunting during a tough economy.

    • Your Infomercial
      One-minute video on importance of having an elevator speech.

    • Key-Word Dropping
      Author talks about key-word dropping being the secret to getting interviews.

    • Career Guide
      Produced by the UCLA Career Center, this downloadable, comprehensive publication that will help you develop career strategies. It includes chapters on career planning, job search strategies, interviewing, negotiating a compensation package, and other useful information.

    • Managing Your Reputation at Work
      When it comes to your job, your reputation as a reliable, capable, trustworthy, and conscientious person may be more important than the quantity or quality of work you do. Author explains how critical your reputation at work can be, and gives tips on how to improve it.

    • Obligated to Accept an Internal Offer?
      Often when you apply for an internal position, people assume you know enough about the job and the culture that you already know if you want it or not. The author suggests you be honest with interviewers if you have reservations, and get more details.

    • Dress for Success
      Gives images of people in various interview/job attire, based on college of enrollment/industry with comments from employers. Scroll down the page to view employer comments.

    • Dress to Impress: A [Visual] Guide
      Gives guidelines on how to use your appearance as a professional tool in an interview and the workplace.

    • Notes to Interviewers Should Go Beyond A Simple Thank You
      Author explains how your post-interview correspondence should deliver a sales pitch far more compelling than a simple thanks.

    • 18 Ways to Impress a New Employer
      It can take months to find the right job... and fewer than 90 days to lose it. Most professional and managerial dismissals are due to failure to understand and fit into a company's culture. This articles gives 18 ways to make sure you get off on the right foot in a new job.

    • Preparing Early for the Job Market: Tips for getting a jumpstart on your career
      There are many things that you can do throughout college to help prepare you for the professional world. This article provides a few tips to get you started.

      Last updated 3/12/12